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Old and new source control revisions

The following table contains the revisions from the Subversion repository before the migration to Mercurial as well as the revision hashes resulting from the migration. Trac automatically links these hashes to the corresponding changeset pages.

Some Subversion revisions are missing. A few of them were artifacts from some earlier migration from CVS to Subversion and from Subversion tagging, some others were on the issue32 branch which I have stripped from the Mercurial repository.

Subversion revision Mercurial revision First line of commit message
904 [dba35d241916] "strongly" perhaps is too strong. ;-)
902 [3335b387c7d2] Version change patches.
901 [e90102d055af] Updated version to 2.4.2.
900 [be7dd6979d11] Added announcement for ftputil 2.4.2.
899 [4a42bfcbe111] Updated release notes in README.txt.
898 [7920a39a379c] Use former version of for release 2.4.2 final.
897 [81517281879a] Show an error message upon tried installation if an HTML file is missing.
896 [5ff5c73e495b] Updated year in copyright notice.
894 [c223441a5d31] Marked development status as "Production/Stable?" instead of "Mature".
893 [01e5b681b92c] Updated version number and patched via Makefile.
892 [c85ba0f4c532] Got rid of unnecessary usage of sysconfig.get_python_lib. This also
891 [27b6f88cee1e] Fixes for (hopefully) more robustness in _real_stat and _real_lstat.
890 [8cb525920db5] Commented out test_special_broken_link. I'll deal with that later,
889 [9040ba4422b4] Added comments on ticket #39.
888 [6c2f19cdd2c6] Commented out print statement.
887 [f1bd27bc249a] Added a test for ticket #40, but couldn't reproduce the problem so far.
886 [2a804a48e36d] Show each test file before running its tests.
885 [be61e2bed030] With all these little bugs cropping up from time to time it's
884 [45423de79eff] Added a test for issue #39.
883 [2d2d01ad2ec5] Added TODO comment.
882 [d16f222c8d44] Support for limit case of zero size.
881 [3064fdee60b0] Added test for issue #38.
880 [031617cedff3] Added (see issue #35).
879 [0e00af87ab06] Get directory listings from various public FTP servers and compare
877 [6f76e6fd41ab] Release-related patches.
876 [9b759d5191e2] Implemented a workaround for issue #33. From now on, use the
875 [558a2720e0f1] Assume all FTP servers behave like
874 [1c51f078c784] Fixed comment.
872 [aaeff6db2578] Complete milestone before posting the announcement.
871 [52cb5a25265a] Removed #TODO comment.
870 [667708101939] Add item to mark milestone as completed.
869 [7823a108a00b] Make comment clearer.
868 [b37577197f7e] Updated README and announcements. Increased version number to 2.4.1.
867 [c08941e6112b] Adapted Debian files for upcoming version 2.4.1.
866 [ff1b73253239] Fix handling of 12 AM and 12 PM times in the MS format parser.
865 [7a14276b224c] In the docstring for synchronize_times, point out that the time
864 [6929c27acdc9] Tried to make the documentation more readable. In particular, removed
863 [743125307fe7] Note that the time shift can be different from zero even if client
862 [1bf78b8bafef] Discussed why isdir, isfile and islink sometimes seem to
861 [0ef45c839810] Add tests for Python 2.4 to MANIFEST file.
860 [99f2a5c66f27] Use spaces for consecutive lines (after backslash).
859 [06f681345c6e] Fix for bug #36 (reported by Nicola).
858 [2148fae72310] Some small improvements.
857 [b3672c4b4ce5] Distinguish version number parts by Evan and by the ftputil project.
856 [b263a58e4a48] Added comment for _sort_key method from Peter Stirling's patch.
855 [0b29d67d4210] Use a counter instead of time.time() to determine the heap order.
837 [4da2efa4bf8f] Reverted changes which should have gone into the issue32 branch.
836 [7515d06b2284] Made test cache smaller.
835 [26ec6614a1af] Try to minimize further.
834 [e8690b575b06] Try to minimize code for error reproduction.
833 [0ae4120c9040] Added comment on cache invalidation in FTPHost.file.
832 [2f6b2934a207] Fixed typo.
817 [1ce961cbb4b8] Ignore directories for sync tests, test_empty and test_target.
816 [f8810caff279] Consider missing test directories.
815 [e630c1599d67] Silenced pylint error 1101 and added reasoning for that.
814 [1a6bf04c66fa] Removed the sync test directories. If those directories are
813 [3f242dcc1f22] Directories used by ftp sync unit tests.
812 [e30f19b0424b] Fix copyright notice (this module was started 2006).
811 [8ca6b70c01d7] Removed long-outdated points.
810 [de1877c8c9d6] Give a more helpful error message if an item to remove doesn't
809 [2166f443d615] Make the ftp_error module more robust with respect to ftplib
808 [b5489dc35a4e] Remove super call from StatResult.__init__.
807 [da2f3a875b36] Substituted double backticks for single ones according to
805 [d24996d8d029] Changes for version 2.4.
804 [684625bf9a1a] Re-added to MANIFEST file but changed
803 [12a0a3d8e810] Preparation for upcoming 2.4b2 version.
802 [8ef5bc0d184f] Remove all but custom directory from debian directory in debdistclean.
801 [700612900b37] Removed dirs/files from experiments on ftputil 2.3 package.
800 [79c640bc80ea] Omit unit tests for with statement because they'll break on Python<=2.4.
799 [c3cdc4e4165e] Completed Debian package building.
798 [f701ea8fea09] Updated for Debian packaging.
797 [ce270f3beb83] Removed reference to bug number. I don't know if it has to refer to
796 [ed665b85e8d0] Added changelog file (still the template).
795 [c94855dd8063] Custom control and rules files.
794 [b3860ad4a7f1] Use ftputil's copyright for the Debian packaging, too (as seen at
793 [20afcd92491b] Added download URL.
792 [1fee0f787e57] Deleted the comment on different licenses. lrucache was originally
791 [a545ccb6241b] Debian copyright file with authors and Copyright notices.
790 [ab500b95e0ee] Use VERSION variable instead of cat VERSION. Started debdist target.
789 [32f229d60308] Customized files for Debian packaging.
788 [7a9d13b116cf] Some experiments regarding Debian packaging.
786 [5030c7856184] Add reasoning regarding second commit round.
785 [1b2665163d8c] Inserted an additional heading "Incompatibility notice".
784 [9fbb716966f0] Improved MANIFEST diff listing.
783 [d87146681af5] Added target manifestdiff to compare the MANIFEST file with a current
782 [b0840cfdb265] Sorted MANIFEST to make it easier to diff with a directory listing
781 [04e99bb9cd15] Added note about script.
780 [94114c042f28] Improved wording.
779 [3cdd3be89edd] Implicitly updated release date.
778 [15d1bd65b452] Distinguish items only necessary for non-alpha/beta releases.
777 [9a994e8c06e4] Changed for ftputil 2.4b.
776 [e4f6f7346c69] Improved wording.
775 [7f95dce5ef66] Added announcement for version 2.4b.
774 [0f9c7274e435] Make statement about xreadlines removal a bit clearer.
773 [d8e611fd3012] Be explicit about deprecation and removal of xreadlines and error
772 [7853d8340c0f] Explain the use of the literal slash in invalidate better.
771 [27623d5a9237] Improved comments.
770 [b1b5a237a8ca] Using one-line workaround docstrings is better than using two-line
769 [768b047b51ac] Fixed test; I was too hasty here (thanks again, Tom).
768 [cea0938649bf] Added a unit test and a fix for a bug found by Tom Parker.
767 [9548c798d3f8] Added to production files so they're
766 [6e0fdfa22eeb] Added a comment on subclass relationship PermanentError /
765 [42c8d0551fc8] Tended to PyLint warnings.
764 [0d93a978ad85] Changed wording of deprecation message so users don't think they'll
763 [ffc00d64ee93] Added svn:mime-type text/x-python to the Python files which didn't
762 [607c9181be87] Added script to MANIFEST.
761 [e4fd26d9ff27] Added docstrings.
760 [1b27ffe9a904] Removed tools directory.
759 [f833490d6741] First attempt at a script which finds use of deprecated features.
758 [e842d927263b] Added tools directory.
757 [42b9376b114f] Use normal functions instead of lambda expressions.
756 [afd89ecbd727] Issue a deprecation warning if someone uses the xreadline method.
755 [73a52962b097] Sorted imported exception classes alphabetically.
754 [f3f570705fe7] Removed confusing part of docstring. After all, commands like
753 [b49269498696] Pipe output of pylint through less, so it gets read.
752 [d0ea977217e6] Prepared for version 2.4b.
751 [ce67cced118f] Run targets test and pylint even when making a distribution.
750 [22a4bfedaf89] Fixed missing variable rename.
749 [5353ec9a050e] Dealt with warnings/errors in production code mentioned by pylint.
748 [c377d222ca12] Let pylint use the new configuration file.
747 [37900fae2d36] Pylint configuration, generated by pylint's --generate-rcfile option.
746 [c0ab7063491b] Tended to warnings of pychecker (tested before pylint).
745 [680e6a3c6670] Added new target pylint. Checks still need to be configured.
744 [03855a7b4676] Added to MANIFEST.
743 [e0b3a3cde421] Moved low-level file tests from to new file
742 [3da749db59a7] Make close operations of _FTPFile and FTPHost more robust.
741 [616f25cfc357] "test for" sounds slightly better than "test" here.
740 [f5f57be74722] Added a new exception CommandNotImplementedError, derived from
739 [3d67776ae5c3] Added documentation for the chmod method.
738 [ea85fe1fd815] Added support for the SITE CHMOD command.
737 [6c3570f0fd5c] Regrouped tests.
736 [a1b7c141121b] Though after the tagging, this is the actual announcement for
734 [1c2921b9f36c] Change files for release 2.3.
733 [3e86c3bf1e8e] Remind to do commits before release-related commits.
732 [5d0c33975249] Redundant whitespace removal.
731 [13ff52c9cdf1] Little cleanup.
730 [adc6d6c4c515] Use a cleaner class to make tests more robust. In particular,
729 [73ad91d942b3] Updated year numbers in copyright notices according to changes
728 [6b3dd855918a] Changed URL where to find lrucache to current notation
727 [20c14c99b0a5] Add documentation on the with statement.
726 [906a4f95da58] Simplified test code still a bit.
725 [f6b3f0c89892] Included a slightly modified variant of Roger Demetrescu's patch to
724 [d08ca0ca87b3] Made docstring more readable.
722 [fbc868918cf7] Prepare bugfix release 2.2.4.
721 [543018bbb890] Make sure is the last test file which is
720 [1cfa3425de27] Don't mix printed output into the output of the unit tests.
719 [911549769e8a] Fixed bug reported by Richard Holden, see
718 [6e078f1c4942] Make the tests work again after upgrading pure-ftpd. The problem is
717 [9d8097e1dd3a] Added/changed a few comments.
715 [a09e4a4f0c9d] Updates for version 2.2.3.
714 [589248058eaa] Note: Add new version to Trac's issue tracker.
713 [9d7ee9d45ffe] Added test code and applied a fix for a failing makedirs called from
712 [71ec8c36b32d] Refactored syncing code: Make a method sync which handles both
711 [f4405b7674a3] Preliminary, incomplete version of directory tree synchronization.
710 [556f08b08c54] Added SyncError, derived from PermanentError, to signal problems
709 [16e76b94e500] Improved comment a bit.
708 [cc436d273369] Set svn:keywords property to "Id".
707 [c74c48ecec8e] Unit tests for the ftp_sync module.
706 [3f97934659f9] Set svn:keywords on to "Id".
705 [146753140c92] Tools for syncing local and remote directory trees.
704 [a946c5764c79] Make sure all names of temporary directories and files have a leading
703 [1a53d8b2dcd7] Removed obsolete note from documentation.
701 [e555c14cb2f2] Increased version number.
700 [2c12221c4a73] Added announcement for version 2.2.2.
699 [8679ed051764] Add a question about uploading/downloading in ASCII vs. binary mode.
698 [00780fbaee39] Note on using exceptions via the ftp_error module.
697 [dd77acbb83f7] Remove things which are already in the issue tracker.
696 [889d04fb3522] Fixed typo.
695 [1dec7cfdba78] Moved test for inaccessible login directory before comment. This
694 [c53c37156c92] Added a test case for directory and file names which contain spaces.
693 [ec6f8388053f] In _check_inaccessible_login_directory, be more explicit that
692 [5fd2a61be7a5] Changed year according to file update.
691 [dd7f0cd9ea3d] Handle special case when renaming an item in a directory whose name
690 [74cac1b559d1] Don't handle paths with whitespace in the rename command (yet).
689 [217c5f610076] Handle directories with whitespace in them more gracefully (based on
688 [a49b4aec0107] Added directories build and dist to ignored items.
687 [5e58ca953169] Simplified code dealing with "session_factory" argument in kwargs.
686 [df9a626f0a80] Actually, use the stat calls. The previously used print commands
685 [4a9c7b6fc1b7] Make comment a bit more clear.
684 [e899ee3bf82f] In SSL example, make it more obvious that some code is missing.
683 [cf3c835487fd] Update to version 2.2.1.
682 [043f0537db5d] Mention that this is a bugfix release. Add URL to documentation to
681 [c6d9cb7ba777] Increased version number to 2.2.1.
680 [e0dc9f569cd7] Added announcement for ftputil 2.2.1.
679 [8213195b860e] Consider status code 451:
677 [8e3fbb31cc80] Increased version to 2.2.
676 [2512d0af8676] Increased version number to 2.2.
675 [ebe70ab7417d] Added announcement for ftputil 2.2 (final).
674 [c567eedcdb0a] Moved note on custom parsers before files supporting the iterator
673 [e7d68f07ef60] Fixed some typos.
672 [69be188f3e6e] Fixed typo.
671 [043663022829] Use Python 2.2 style dictionary key test.
670 [c3028d2a9cad] The single dot in st_.time looked weird, st_...time hopefully
669 [ff9169cf7d44] Added a paragraph which was actually included in the announcement
668 [70efc486dcf8] Added PKG-INFO.
665 [e940c4c4a23b] Version change via make dist.
663 [64f441817a6a] Fixed minimum Python version.
662 [fcc887403844] Updated to 2.2b2 .
661 [c7fa164c1701] Some simplifications.
660 [462b66d7e29f] Added announcement for ftputil-2.2b2 .
659 [416a6f2379a6] Mention parsers, not just count them. ;-)
658 [cd6dd66b67b1] Small changes at bottom of file.
657 [70cdc7a8398f] Small changes.
656 [42c46e115fc1] Added note regarding custom parsers. Added Evan Prodromou as author
655 [dd1901b91831] Moved info on writing custom parsers to its own section.
654 [f25a6fb0339b] Extended documentation on writing custom parsers.
653 [9cf4a9ec1ede] Renamed method ignore_line to ignores_line to better describe
652 [3a4e22be7734] Extracted date/time parsing methods into Parser base class.
651 [9f40aaf8fda1] Use string containment test in Python 2.3 style.
650 [16b027960943] Extracted a new method parse_mode out of UnixParser and moved it
649 [efbd28c6bc3d] Don't compare apples with oranges, i. e. don't compare stat results
648 [4a92c70558e1] Fixed error message.
647 [165734ae2b14] Turn classes into new-style classes by letting them inherit from
646 [46557535213c] Fixed typo.
645 [d72cf4f7bb29] Let FTPError inherit from Exception.
644 [72d6b46688d7] Added subsection on writing own parsers.
643 [ef6c5dfa4379] Added line for default.css .
642 [8739e5d1edbd] Adapted stylesheet path.
641 [5e63dda13a86] Added default stylesheet from docutils project.
640 [2ab2c8a08d73] Made parsers public, i. e. removed the underscore in front of
639 [b94a6dd1df28] Added method FTPHost.set_parser.
638 [ec9258eac326] Add parser method ignore_line and use it.
637 [3536e49fc67e] Use shorter names for parser classes. They have long been line
636 [5a9c27304169] Merged in the rest of the changes from the branch add_stat_caching:
635 [2ac8410b0a70] Ignore tags file.
634 [f2ab969f29b5] Moved unused code into sandbox.
633 [34a5c709c989] Merged in changes from feature branch add_stat_caching:
632 [26bd1014b2b7] Added a test to make sure that a listdir on an empty directory
631 [22a0f6aa7364] Added mock directory listings to test an empty directory.
630 [83dda12c086f] Leave _real_listdir early if no lines were found.
629 [923443c9cd90] Updated to version 2.2b.
628 [e45298207132] Updated to 2.2b.
627 [7d901252fc5e] Added classifiers.
625 [fee84e3496a6] Added note on updated documentation.
624 [503954c425f7] Wrote announcement for ftputil 2.2b1.
623 [0b945aa60ed3] Added note on iterator protocol for files.
622 [87250caa0077] Unlimited cache entry age corresponds to None.
621 [677d7e4f849a] Use None as special value, not 0, for unlimited age.
620 [475571f05c77] Let max_age == 0 be a special value meaning unlimited age.
619 [2786879e1803] Small fixes in section on stat caching.
618 [71dfdb2991e5] Added documentation on lstat caching and file iterators.
617 [3376329092e5] Added test of stat cache invalidation for concurrent access.
616 [ccad912adb87] Remove obsolete method set_directory_format, as was already
615 [ea9c079e5f5f] Make sure that invalidate gets an absolute path.
614 [1ab7b9a1d482] Invalidate the corresponding cache entry when beginning to write a
613 [92867832b7a3] Decreased default cache size to 1000 entries.
612 [f0832919e4bc] Use enumerate in readlines method.
611 [417ecf074ea6] Fixed typo in docstring.
610 [06608a909664] Iterator protocol implemented. xreadlines stays, as in current file
609 [79fe7ae18727] Added iterator interface for FTPFiles.
608 [d4cfbef5634a] Support expiration of cache entries.
607 [1598dd7ef548] Caching is now implemented.
606 [2259d416bedf] If the cache is disabled, raise a CacheMissError, even of the
605 [5c5035d784a2] Removed debugging code.
604 [3a6566773c0d] Added a resize method to the cache. The default size is now 2000.
603 [59c8e31d7fcf] Don't print cache contents. For the LRU cache, this takes a large
602 [303585eee8f4] Use Evan Prodromou's lrucache module instead of an "infinite"
601 [2654b5037ac0] Added to the MANIFEST's list.
600 [71bf82018417] Avoid some redundancy in comment on origin.
599 [3bb87e1bdae5] Added a pointer to the original lrucache package.
598 [dfdfc8d079e2] Fixed comment identation in docstring (tabs -> spaces).
597 [1df4c98d966c] Removed whitespace at end of lines.
596 [b809f6354077] Added comment for dual licensing (revised BSD license for ftputil).
595 [f70e3c428b54] Original version of 0.2 by Evan Prodromou.
594 [4d05178dc3af] Add FAQ on SSL support.
593 [72ebc25b5c85] Set svn:keywords property to "Id".
590 [4683d9ed51ea] Added announcement for ftputil 2.2a1.
589 [dd9df94227cc] Changed release notes for ftputil 2.2a1.
587 [14454aca79be] Increased version number to 2.2a1.
586 [34080664ac12] Added lines for and the accompanying tests.
585 [5a43ee5e33c1] Explicitly enable the stat cache.
584 [49d17798af7b] Added timing results for activated caching in _real_listdir.
583 [683b3776c26d] Added docstrings.
582 [fb34001a1d39] Tests for disabled cache.
581 [74a24984f41d] Added enable/disable methods.
580 [9f9876445d7f] Added tests for stat cache.
579 [14667be6a379] Set svn:keywords property.
578 [0f602ec3347d] Tests for module
577 [b20b6da7d082] Removed irrelevant comment in FTPHost.walk.
576 [26164e36adc0] Fixed bug when storing stat results in _real_listdir.
575 [1dccfc3c76b2] Make sure the experimental ftputil version with cache support is used.
574 [31fe71fcdd4f] Clear stat cache when closing the connection.
573 [a636f024a831] Added caching to _real_listdir method.
572 [a2c8c2c58a2a] Add error message to raise of CacheMissError.
571 [755b538cb146] Let ftputil use the stat cache in With the script
570 [449d24ae8306] Moved into sandbox directory.
569 [5001b1e5ea56] List some directories recursively on a FreeBSD FTP server. This is
568 [76616eb39cab] Experiments etc.
567 [51f781c40daf] Rudimentary stat cache without expiration of entries.
566 [f775ed97d207] Use slightly faster version of chdir (don't query the server again
565 [f0657c692a3f] Removed lines related to the directory cache (see previous commit).
564 [8cd8577fb139] Remember current working directory locally.
563 [116aad1f76d7] Use Python 2.3 compatible string search.
562 [a807c01d17f4] Dropped support for Python versions < 2.3 .
561 [3eec907a31ce] Merged revision 545 -> 546 from trunk, which was accidentally omitted
560 [468cd27a4377] Merged revisions from 546 to 559 from trunk into branch add_stat_caching.
559 [cbd0c5346f48] Make FTPHost.__copy_file more robust.
558 [0b3e33aee4a7] Replace variable version number in PKG-INFO.
557 [ca7d7602e302] Small text change for ftputil 2.1.1 announcement.
556 [a10d7eb25ee6] Added announcement for ftputil 2.1.1.
554 [ea898f19e4ce] Avoid repetition of sed parameters.
553 [3c8dcf4c8035] PKG-INFO wasn't included.
552 [ef6879641769] Increased version number to 2.1.1.
551 [bad81b103d7c] Removed underscore from exception_.
550 [7de51a61f52a] Make comment slighly more readable.
549 [4981041e6e69] Added a workaround for issue #17.
548 [b79155d713d4] Included the word "remote" in two error messages to make the error
547 [df8e74261caf] FTPHost.file: Changed wording of error message to include that the directory
546 [0ac2841758e2] Added code to work around the problem of not being able to go up in the
545 [1b5db4835f74] Code contributed by Martin Wilck. (Thank you!) I might use some of
544 [03f81d4f2eea] Add a feature branch to add caching of stat results.
542 [a80f4e5dcba9] Added keywords for PyPI entry.
541 [034a8bf8214b] Fixed typo.
540 [b69badc3b25c] Added task of updating the website's documentation.
538 [709496c34c87] Added two more steps.
537 [7d432d25d0b6] Changed wording of license (the FSF website says "revised" instead of
536 [874767a97458] Added section on licensing.
535 [21525eb838d4] Changed ftputil homepage URL.
534 [80bf47430542] Updated release procedure in order to consider the new website instead
533 [ae8a3541b3a6] Updated section on changes.
532 [9dddb389a9c3] Added announcement for ftputil 2.1.
531 [23069faad58f] New version 2.1.
530 [6e8ccbb3c512] Increased version to 2.1.
529 [64663f67b004] Removed "keep alive" functionality. Nobody on the list seemed to need it,
528 [f4b1fe507d1f] Remove remote data file.
527 [76297ac3c2b8] Return actually entered login data.
526 [f8808288ae23] Print summary at the end.
525 [0dee32f7b681] Fix comment.
524 [4bae7997ee9b] Return actually entered login data.
523 [20754f9a40b0] Remove stat call. If the upload isn't ok, we'll get an error message
522 [af9785ca9b1c] Test script to check for bug #13.
521 [58faa90f78a4] Fixed now-obsolete comment in _UnixDirectoryParser._split_line.
520 [d6ddfef5b1d9] Added
519 [7e61a5b0e3e7] Include ftputil version and Python version in traceback. This should
518 [09adfbf0b02f] Fixed docstring in _split_line.
517 [a34f7794b476] Extended Unix format parser to deal with an unusual format variant.
515 [2f44a5efbf43] Update version to 2.1b2.
514 [efc7a2f2d16b] Update to 2.1b2.
513 [c07c11ba8d3e] Included Russian documentation despite some changes (2.0.3 vs. 2.1 beta x).
512 [23ddeb50d25a] Updated documentation for 2.1 beta x. This documentation contains almost
511 [0646003fa0a0] Included some parts for upcoming release 2.1. Thanks to Anton Stepanov!
510 [bbb12d16377f] Reworked keep-alive functionality regarding writable files. If you read
509 [c5b0ebdb9574] Documentation update is done.
508 [e5c90d782f04] Extended test_keep_connection. This doesn't work as expected, though.
507 [dbb9a9d9321e] Changed download address.
506 [e68724ac688d] Added an optional parameter also_files to FTPHost.keep_alive
504 [210e88e14aff] Removed old Russian documentation because the original documentation
503 [d35053c2f0e7] Documented keep_alive methods in FTPHost and _FTPFile.
502 [f0d33047a58d] Added keep_alive methods to FTPHost and _FTPFile objects.
501 [be4b6164f280] Reordered some text and fixed links.
500 [a40dbd8736e5] Restructured contents.
499 [710045177a07] The previous commit message was for ftputil.txt. The real change
498 [e1da62b3b54a] Lots of changes. See the diff for details.
497 [a50aaa96d8fc] Lots of changes. See the diff for details.
496 [b98ed005b1be] Let FTPHost.rmtree specifically raise PermanentError, not just
495 [34454ddf1c96] Shorten version name for bug tracker.
494 [13996691c16c] Get rid of wrong assumption in FTPHost.synchronize_times.
493 [d3a64ca4087c] Remove _FTPFile's __del__ method to avoid reference cycles that
492 [edc97f5c9d33] Prepare for version 2.1 beta.
491 [53470193e22b] Be more explicit regarding the obselescence of
490 [efb7b88db9b1] No longer allow FTPHost.rmdir to remove non-empty directories.
489 [9ccdaa182d69] Exception hierarchy changes
488 [28354286868b] FTPHost: Added rmtree method, resembling that in Python's
487 [2cff42f0cc10] FTPHost.remove: Explicitly mention deletion of links in error message.
486 [cc5bfe25c71b] FTPHost.remove: Allow to remove also links to directories.
485 [8b8975fc135d] FTPHost.remove/unlink are no longer allowed to remove directories,
484 [5183048698b1] Improved documentation (docstrings, comments).
483 [9784b14d58c3] Removed dictionary _available_parsers. It's no longer needed.
482 [9f5ec52f635c] Removed the no-longer-needed FormatDetectionError.
481 [33e8e5a070cb] Removed obsolete autodetection of directory format.
480 [a0acc362be40] Switch automatically to the Microsoft format parser if the Unix
479 [e183639bc3f9] _Stat: Improve exception handling in listdir and lstat.
478 [5c772aa7f887] _Stat.listdir: Be more explicit on things like "total ..." in listings.
477 [99b172b92d41] Removed obsolete comment.
476 [dfa799fdf923] Extract parser classes out of the _Stat classes. There are now
474 [17ce2164b30f] Rename set_directory_format to set_directory_parser (but keep
473 [b73b5eb1f2c6] Added two rather short-term TODO items.
472 [f5f0bf8286e0] _Stat.(l)stat: Be even more clear about usage of extra method
471 [6340a607d6c1] FTPHost.makedirs: Removed commented-out print statement which
470 [119a34559b1e] When auto-setting the directory format, set "ms" format first to
469 [1e91469fbf24] Fixed typo.
468 [1bac6c89ddf7] FTPHost.set_directory_format: Renamed parameter server_platform
467 [1e20ca71482a] Added backticks to one identifier.
466 [b076d3ebdafc] Whitespace changes.
465 [c2e4c654ae8a] FTPHost.__emits_ms_format: Added comment on automatical detection.
464 [d751fe9f0189] _Stat.listdir: Provide a more meaningful error message if the wrong
463 [f331e0b199ad] Removed CVS to Subversion integration. That was long ago. ;-)
462 [d23258f75b65] Set svn:mime-type to allow syntax highlighting.
461 [5bb28ccda817] Set svn:mime-type to text/x-python to make syntax highlighting in
460 [293a79fd5097] Set version to 2.0.3 because that is the corresponding English version.
459 [75984ea90e47] Use right file name for Russian reStructuredText documentation.
458 [86d16eb9fb27] Added compatibilty note regarding FTPHost.walk.
457 [c45f498f1060] Documented FTPHost.walk by referencing the documentation of
456 [365374eef1fb] Implemented FTPHost.walk, similar to os.walk.
455 [4184061abe7a] Increase copyright year to 2006.
454 [7a6ffdf8949b] FTPHost.makedirs: Change index arithmetic slightly to make clearer
453 [ff78568498a1] Give the user a chance to skip the test(s).
452 [6722e5fca54e] Documented FTPHost.makedirs.
451 [f892aa696b0b] Added FTPHost.makedirs method, similar to os.makedirs.
450 [1a9af17a0165] Ignore also pyc and html files.
449 [0aca079e7ecd] Use hard-coded hostname and credentials for the FTP server. The
448 [1b4ea95cf898] TestStatParsers.test_valid_unix_lines: Use a new method,
447 [ca674d35920d] Set copyright year to 2006.
446 [b6ac38e2bd70] Removed ftputil_ru.txt. Its (identical) content is now in
445 [e459f34b88fb] Changed STYLESHEET_PATH to match newer docutils version.
444 [24181ff46676] Original translation of the ftputil documentation in Windows-CP1251
443 [e2e44f550605] Added explicit example under "Tips and tricksi/FAQ" / "Using active
442 [cf50c70790ba] Added credit and link for Russian translation.
441 [1b87d89a6d9d] Use correct word for table of contents.
440 [87f7545c6a50] Update to version 2.0.4 .
439 [093813ebd579] Allow for different option name for sed's extended regular expressions.
438 [c199add3ba2a] Update to 2.0.4 .
437 [5aa5ae2ec091] Introduced STYLESHEET_PATH variable.
436 [15e51fe11b4c] Added Russian documentation files.
435 [b43fc5d687e7] Fixed rst errors and warnings due to accidental line breaks.
434 [45a32afc08fb] Converted DOS-style to Unix-style line endings.
433 [a64d9f632a8e] Version 2.0.4. Include Russian translation of the documentation
432 [438026f99bb9] Russian translation of the documentation. (Contributed by
431 [1ef3513a3ce6] Underline with backticks instead of commas.
430 [c72093987414] Normalized $Id$ keyword.
429 [6b192ecdfc28] Removed ftputil_pydoc.txt, it has been obsolete for a long time
428 [9ebfdf3d73b7] Added properties svn:mime-type, svn:eol-style, svn:keywords.
427 [606ef382340d] Added several properties.
426 [30609c6e20a6] Added announcement for ftputil 2.0.3 .
424 [f8d0c19e1722] Increased version number to 2.0.3.
423 [2ad1f63147b8] Removed colons in bug report subsection.
421 [3a8af43ad6f5] Increased version number to 2.0.3b2.
420 [2f8408858383] Look for exception classes in module ftp_error, not in module ftputil.
419 [85870ef242ae] Adapt unit tests to changes in FTPHost.file.
418 [8780446c1f1f] FTPHost.file: Change to effective directory. Use only a filename for the
417 [15213e697557] FTPHost.file: Added a comment regarding the OSError -> IOError
416 [9696c38f7f3a] FTPHost.file: Raise a FTPIOError if basedir isn't accessible. This can
414 [2e7adfc91a3c] Added subsection on bug reports to "Tips and tricks" section.
413 [fc06dc38bb99] Document the changes in the exception hierarchy (including the new class
412 [e27d76182fa6] Module: Added warning converning the exception classes in __all__.
411 [259eecde397c] Added tests for workaround when a path contains spaces.
410 [dde7fb0c7412] Module: Changed date in copyright.
409 [c2f78e3d1502] Module: Make RootDirError a subclass of the new exception class
408 [4367472eff8f] Due to a change in FTPHost._dir, some of the directories used in the
407 [66f2d2079e86] FTPHost._dir: No longer use the workaround for space-containing
406 [5d8c21137143] Increased version number to 2.0.3b.
405 [b3e9c9d9e1e4] Increased date for new version 2.0.2.
404 [8d1e11460703] Touch ${WWW_DIR}/python/python_software.tmpl so trigger the update of
402 [d42a78d1f560] Changed/added summary line.
401 [d37722f46160] Sorted lines in file alphabetically (with Unix sort).
400 [3537d808aca7] Increased to 2.0.2.
399 [9778ae096bee] Fixed typo.
398 [1e74aa42299e] Added the MANIFEST file itself.
397 [91e29360302b] Moved TODO section from to TODO file.
396 [c00e7e6e47ab] Delete build directory (or at least try to do it).
395 [292d2aa2b83c] Increased year values in copyright notices.
394 [959fc7d8e387] Fixed bug in sed call (use empty string as extension).
393 [4c8a89493abb] Atomated patching, thus removed TODO item on automation.
392 [ba7133772230] Automate patching of files.
391 [83484cd4637b] Allow finer-grained control.
390 [71df641e062c] Added some TODO items.
388 [a46de9b17633] Replaced summary and description with somewhat improved texts.
387 [c1ba407a251d] Updated version number for 2.0.1 release.
386 [32b4fee4a985] Make True (used in _Stat.lstat) known for use in Python before 2.2.1
385 [de5b379beb2e] Refer to URL without #ftputil target, so visitors may note the reference
384 [dbdb29e50a15] Mention mailing list in FAQ.
383 [dee1c9514b89] Announce copy operations to lacal webspace.
382 [c8b996dac443] Mentioned mailing list at top.
381 [41a4ef5748d6] Added download links to 2.0 announcement.
379 [aa47ecfa21a6] Bugfix w. r. t. $HOME.
378 [f3ba17cc5985] Added proposed announcement for ftputil 2.0 .
377 [413db5a95b7b] "several" bugfixes.
376 [332ea16d964b] Fixed extdist target.
375 [6ca3a39b851c] Updated year values in copyright notice.
374 [bb414bd4a7d3] Added note on mailing list.
373 [c70dc905a864] Increased version number.
372 [6bdc64790365] Adapted for new stylesheet path.
371 [db75d0115a27] Set to version 2.0.
370 [4c5900a4f022] Added #TODO on custom session classes.
369 [98b4d4c7e78d] Use only tuple -> float conversion (via time.mktime); don't try to use
368 [6120ec64d892] TestStatParsers.test_valid_unix_lines: Changed entry for 2003-01-19 to
367 [24c6f2343475] Added line from __future__ import division.
366 [059056ecde3d] time.mktime seems to assume that the argument is a local time. Some tests
365 [87765f85d865] FTPHost.rmdir: Renamed parameter remove_only_empty to
364 [f98444989eca] Document changed behaviour of FTPHost.rmdir.
363 [9b1e7731ac3e] Test real FTP access (in addition to the present mock object tests).
362 [d458fa0f01bc] FTPHost.rmdir: Change method interface so that by default, only empty
360 [81a5e60f62ab] Formatting changes; mostly removed whitespace in nested parentheses.
359 [6f1a9179411f] Removed redundant line on ftputil.txt.
358 [fda7b0720f30] Changed date for 2.0 beta 3.
357 [1bd9f2e35b34] Formatting fixes.
356 [2c6b86883fa4] Formatting changes.
355 [8fefc22e2992] Formatting change.
354 [2c339acf43bb] Small formatting changes.
353 [1ec5d8c90b10] _Stat.stat_candidates: Compacted list comprehension.
352 [50b601b90d2b] _Stat.parse_lines: Compacted implementation.
351 [72f895916692] _Stat.stat: Include the original path in the error message.
348 [6fd9af870132] _Path.exists no longer returns False for an abnormal FTP error (e. g.
347 [f573e621076d] Reverted the patch from the last commit.
346 [113beb5c2ac3] Execute only time shift tests.
345 [87c58ee53026] _Stat.lstat: Joined a comment to occupy only one line.
344 [74ea296f38b6] _Stat.lstat: Changed implementation to be more similar to that of the
343 [b2d7a19be1ef] _Stat.lstat: Fixed typo.
342 [7a71ef707194] Removed the trailing slash from package specification. This caused the
341 [baeddd847608] Removed obsolete #TODO comment.
340 [7d0613e239c6] Increased version number to 2.0b3.
339 [cbca1271f262] Added long description to metadata.
338 [30e40b2db885] Increased to 2.0b3.
337 [0adf2f75734a] The setup parameter download_url is now only used if the Python version
336 [aa8d97ffb50e] Added weaknesses of upload_if_newer and download_if_newer, and
335 [6c06aff68fb1] Added some points.
334 [246f95ada04b] Added extdist target. This also copies some files to the WWW directory
333 [371974bf88cb] Updated version number.
332 [49c8c9860601] Reformatted list on changes.
331 [29d192952f4a] Todo list for releasing a new version.
330 [adec0d011085] Corrected release date.
329 [20f70bee7305] Updated to 2.0 beta 2.
328 [fe5e5e2059f0] FTPHost.__emits_ms_format: Fixed docstring.
327 [8dd38feea991] FTPHost: Refactored automatic determination of directory output format.
326 [bf2e42b64ab4] Some small text changes.
325 [50aeb83009f9] Added keyword table at top.
323 [2d03f6315e45] Some small corrections.
322 [748b710a69d0] Formatting fixes.
321 [cb94a096af84] Added section "What's new?".
320 [ecb985edf672] Added a missing parenthesis.
319 [65f7300bc005] Suggest to remove older versions of the software.
318 [60ca5098b431] Set to 2.0b1.
317 [ad4102279aa2] FTPHost._dir: Made comment before method a bit clearer.
316 [d0434f9ab00a] FTPHost._dir: Implemented a workaround similar to those suggested by
315 [6b29c0d8d2e4] Updated comment on custom FTPHost classes.
314 [df3dc0d856c5] Added test code for time shift consideration in Unix-style parser.
313 [29d010bc6695] _UnixStat.parse_line: Added an addend in the year-determination logic, so
312 [1939a5ac0635] Style change: remove some empty lines at beginnings of classes.
311 [8e5e40619aff] Remove empty line at end.
310 [cea9f5fdbc1a] Put documentation files in the package directory, not in the doc
309 [1bbdb2677e28] Re-add test files and document them.
308 [6332566cb788] Added TODO item (bugfixing).
307 [51dc4a585f57] Documented set_directory_format.
306 [bbc24ecbd222] FTPHost.set_directory_format: Simplified method; use either "unix" or "ms"
305 [b538d3d7f502] Added one more sentence to the section "Purpose".
304 [566e28572bc5] Removed an empty line.
303 [7e1966b7757e] _Stat.listdir: Exclude self._host.curdir and self._host.pardir from
302 [d74ab753fa89] FTPHost: Added method set_directory_format to set the format "manually"
301 [08b77c5184f6] Added remark on exception namespace.
300 [1901959bef48] Moved section on time zone setting further up.
299 [e6de63f16446] Added "Tips and tricks" section.
298 [21ef1becc865] Some reorganization.
297 [100a1b838af7] Added more information on TimeShiftError exception.
296 [dfff0cb22387] Added subheadings to section "FTPHost attributes and methods".
295 [e3ea216ae309] Remove detailed information on files, instead provide only some general
294 [bf6c25c4cf67] FTPHost: Renamed synchronize_time to synchronize_times.
293 [429aa3afc896] Makefile for ftputil maintainance.
292 [30e543570160] Change documentation directory.
291 [f1492fb1dc8c] Added documentation files.
290 [6d749d560381] README file for a short overview and a installation instructions.
289 [aa26052a7525] Setup script for Python distutils.
288 [d17d6dbf91b2] Version of next planned release (now: 2.0).
287 [13a2831d6864] Changed for new package distribution.
286 [fc3cdefd1b0a] Init file for ftputil package.
285 [fae4666ee5d0] Consider the time shift in stat'ing files on Unix servers.
284 [5a2aa918c9af] FTPHost.synchronize_time: Rename remote_time to server_time for
283 [5a245a87472d] FTPHost.set_time_shift: Made definition more explicit and provide
282 [7d7a42eaa7a0] Fixed some docstrings.
281 [8d1d82a52520] _MSStat.parse_line: Reverted argument order: 12 + hour -> hour + 12.
280 [c175e0dba686] _Path.isfile/isdir/islink: Put the return statement for the non-
279 [e51ad8256e60] Extended comment on test for stat result's base class.
278 [b732b1c74708] Set the stat result base class without explicitly querying the Python
277 [0fef0c7a080f] Added and changed comments and docstrings.
276 [a31d2f88b493] Added markup for the closed attribute.
275 [f498f86933ac] Turned the descriptions of the exception classes into an ordinary list.
274 [1891cc709d71] Fixed broken link to mock objects document.
273 [47f7b71b6f6b] Moved somewhat away from manpage style: United sections "Name" and
272 [10ae2ae12014] Converted definition lists to ordinary bulleted lists.
271 [21dbff0003ca] Added a lot of links.
270 [ad8e135de0ba] Most of conversion to reStructuredText format done.
269 [6cc36c8cfc11] Moved test for embedded _Path object from into its
268 [7c33dc2a37b8] _Stat.init: Make an instance variable _path, taken from the given
267 [35b492c6f398] TestStatParsers: Use _test_base.ftp_host_factory instead of setting
266 [2ac3e3daee22] Let unit tests use _Stat objects. Use FTPHost objects only indirectly.
265 [0bebb5381df6] Moved tests for lstat and stat from to
264 [f58a322211cf] Extracted ftp_host_factory from and added it into new
263 [28b1dd6b283b] Module: Added docstrings for classes derived from _Stat.
262 [bfd9c99e7d0b] Removed stat module from list of imports.
261 [37fcd66ab2d0] Module: Added/substituted lots of backtics.
260 [d83f220cce89] Moved listdir implementation from class ftputil.FTPHost to
259 [147d59af6dfc] _Path: Use the implementation of split in module posixpath instead of
258 [715b9c01a120] Moved lstat and stat method bodies from class ftputil.FTPHost to
257 [8d5a24ced345] Module: Renamed _Stat to _StatResult.
256 [2005b37968d7] FTPHost: Get rid of _parse_line.
255 [e10e51fe2001] FTPHost: Refactored listdir and lstat, thereby introducing a new
254 [21052a55ba9f] _StatParser: Changed name and interface of former
253 [1481b2223e62] Added more tests.
252 [1febce624019] _MSStatParser.parse_line: Add more sanity error checking.
251 [4491659bea5e] Tests for stat parsers.
250 [433b30f85c57] In line parser methods, renamed result to stat_result.
249 [e439ef5262c1] FTPHost: Imroved two comments.
248 [96542ca6b5eb] Module: Added parser info to module docstring.
247 [a969b12f42ea] Module: Changed version for next release to 1.2 beta.
246 [4ea01c5104a0] Moved line parsers from to These parsers go
245 [b702aae1c49b] _Path.init: Extended comment on posixpath.
244 [9d8d0ac2e0d5] Module: Added _StatParser class with methods parse_line and
243 [de8684c9435f] _FTPFile.writelines: Added comment on (not) modifying lines in-place.
242 [d3ef709456c5] _FTPFile.__getattr__: Fixed unclear logic in docstring.
241 [1b6c7b445136] Module: Added some backticks in comments to signify program code
240 [c2e98e292d7a] Module: Added TODO comment for version 1.2.
239 [eb20da006eca] FTPHost.lstat: Add s to os.lstat in docstring.
238 [cfff8c3db6b8] Fixed/added several docstrings and comments.
237 [3a5666a824b4] Module: Reordered import statements.
236 [160daf5b0a94] Module: Removed _Stat class and adapted FTPHost class.
235 [51fd597e35ea] stat result class for ftputil.
234 [cd9b8e32be3b] FTPHost.lstat: Fixed indentation.
233 [b0b8bd39ed17] Module: Added module docstring.
232 [0a4ac626c5b8] Extracted _Path class to module
231 [dba658ea1495] Module: Support similar to os.path but for file(s) on FTP server(s).
230 [f1fe7c7a3740] Module: Simple assignments, not tuple assignments.
229 [d46da97dc874] Replaced explicit code for True and False with import of
228 [f786d968f0a9] Constants True and False for Python versions lower than 2.2.2.
227 [f6ca14c3ddda] Module: Added definitions for True and False in case we don't have at
226 [49fe012c8a5f] Adaptions for refactorings w. r. t., and
225 [a77ad580f2af] Module: Removed stuff that is now in and
224 [31f7934104aa] File-like objects located on FTP servers.
223 [51d91513b685] ftputil exceptions and their wrappers.
221 [a9fe73654ee1] FTPHost: Used True and False instead of 1 and 0 for flag fail.
220 [686bd8c39f6c] FTPHost: Removed threading stuff which was a non-working attempt. To make
219 [8f9bf8c05e9a] FTPHost.file: Method is now (hopefully) thread-safe in the sense that
218 [9dd038c4ed75] FTPHost: Factored method __copy_file_if_newer out of upload_if_newer
217 [f40e7795d634] FTPHost.upload/download: Factored out new method __copy_file. The former
216 [b959a007165d] FTPHost: Extracted calculation of local modification time into new method
215 [c3ccda9125e8] FTPHost.upload_if_newer/download_if_newer: Consider time shift between
214 [1a4ec4074f19] TimeShiftMockSession: Removed unneeded current_dir attribute.
213 [71b4e5e23cfe] MockSession: Reverted last change, i. e. removed mock directory line for
212 [0a1ef28f5917] FTPHost: Added support for synchronizing local times of client and server.
211 [1ead266501ef] MockSession: Added a directory line for dummy directory /login/dir.
210 [7f0fd434c82b] FTPHost.copyfileobj: Renamed buf to buffer.
209 [29ca502cdad5] FTPHost: Reordered some methods.
208 [4faa1d0d8dbc] FTPHost: Replaced two while 1 with while True.
207 [ff666749b632] Module: Formatting changes (70-characters-wide display) and "`" characters.
206 [78447a523484] Module: Minor formatting changes (mostly inserted "`" characters for code
205 [c139b745ac24] Module: Reformatted comments and docstrings to 70 characters-wide display.
204 [1a9240094e79] Module: Line endings conversion OS/2 -> Unix.
202 [003a40a10b6d] Documented changes in upload_if_newer and download_if_newer.
201 [1372b96e3bea] Module: Replaced 1 with True and 0 with False where appropriate.
200 [05cd43588288] Module: Made assignments for True and False more readable. Put
199 [63f31b87b334] FTPHost.upload_if_newer/download_if_newer: Return a flag telling whether
198 [9864aa0befbb] FTPHost.init: added comment on directory format determination.
196 [166654a407e8] FTPHost.init: the Microsoft-style parser now is also invoked for
194 [ffeb6a4e7b53] Added EXAMPLE_PORT variable.
193 [1eef91169c64] Added example for session factory as a wrapper class of ftplib.FTP .
192 [6dbf67e913e6] Small change regarding new session factory in constructor.
190 [04ab5a54489b] Release 1.1.1 (repackaged the zip to use its own directory).
188 [85b8c11b2182] Changed to version 1.1.
186 [99e6d4a2c5a0] Documented the problem with (l)stat and RootDirError.
185 [737c9c16bf3f] Module: added RootDirError to __all__.
184 [f860d316ad50] TestStat: added a test to check for RootDirError if stat is requested for
183 [3e90b1b0dc4e] FTPHost.lstat/stat: stat'ing the root directory is not possible with the
182 [0020c2923f59] MockSession.dir_contents: added entry for root directory.
181 [63a31d79fc6d] Release 1.1 b1
179 [fc1a1df64b69] Wrote announcement for ftputil 1.1
178 [0eecfb0698d5] Module: minor comment changes.
177 [66d52c85c23a] Expanded FTPHost.path and FTPFile method lists to make them more readable.
176 [79d49ecaba7e] Announcements for comp.lang.python etc.
175 [4723dca546a9] Added ftputil_pydoc.txt
174 [ac9cea009706] Added ftputil.txt and ftputil_pydoc.txt to Files section.
173 [dab8d2f94899] ftputil documentation generated with pydoc.
172 [e274821cb6eb] Additions to Bugs/Limitations?. Added Files section.
171 [555cd0fa0b6a] Module: if Python version is >= 2.2, tuple is used as base class for
170 [260d502d3f21] Documentation mostly complete.
169 [fa6fd2b51c6d] FTPHost.rename: changes parameters to source and target.
168 [53bb6503b8ee] ftputil documentation.
167 [c5bbd756c39c] File list for ftputil distribution.
166 [58baa1c01679] fixed call of file method.
165 [6bc1598eec42] FTPHost: added open as an alias for file.
164 [21d56106487f] TestStat.test_lstat_one_dir: added comment on mtime deviations due to
163 [11c06d8337b1] FTPHost._parse_unix_line/_parse_robin_line: use time.mktime with
162 [0de19ee93637] FTPHost.stat: added support for following links. Recursive link structures
161 [8ecd52b03684] TestStat: added method test_stat_following_link.
160 [2d44067315d7] MockSession.dir_contents: added one directory and several links for
159 [96721385347a] FTPHost/_Stat: re-added support for name and link name. However, these are
158 [efe7eb078ff6] _Stat/FTPHost: removed support for st_target field.
157 [c342d2f5be81] TestStat.test_lstat_one_file/test_lstat_one_dir: checking st_target
156 [5809390c1c8d] _Stat._index_mapping: added field st_target (for link targets).
155 [091e6cb64a7e] MockSession._remove_trailing_slash: retain single slash denoting the
154 [cccc2d443274] FTPHost: removed copyfile method.
153 [7760bb1655f5] MockFile: extended docstring a bit.
152 [00fcb45c2d5c] binary_data: fixed typo in docstring.
151 [ebeb60ff34b2] FTPHost: added methods upload_if_newer and download_if_newer for
150 [c0cee0002080] TestUploadAndDownload: added tests for condiitional upload and download.
149 [24e12bcb6cca] MockSession: added two files, "older" and "newer" to virtual directory
148 [0de437c43328] TestFileOperations: unified docstrings of test methods.
147 [46eae1ff960b] _FTPFile.readline: replaced "data and data[-1] == '\r'" with the simpler
146 [fbee507186b1] Module: joined several source lines which were broken for the book layout.
145 [535beed99fa9] Module: joined more source code lines.
144 [eff13ed57afc] Module: minor layout changes.
143 [3bfbb14a2c25] MockSession.close: do only more if self.closed is false.
142 [c622a1920a70] Module: removed unused version of MockSession (which was copied with
141 [e4be3e861085] Module: added testcase class TestOpenAndClose.
140 [b9a01a1c2c20] Module: reorganized and commented.
139 [046b754c6804] Module: moved test_ascii_upload and test_binary_download from class
138 [fded3cf504d8] TestFileOperations: adapted test_caching to use mock objects.
137 [4367105bc97b] Module: moved code to generate random strings from class TestFileOperations
136 [8b964abba1db] Module: instead of using the class InspectableFTPHost with its quite
135 [8498db577333] Module: the path of a file is now passed from MockSession.transfercmd to
134 [c955585f2fde] Module: put calls to file_content_for_child after close calls.
133 [c2a46c957a00] Module: implemented MockFile class to be used by MockSocket. An object of
132 [4667403ffb59] TestFileOperations: removed test_remote_copy.
131 [88cc06dc4f8c] MockSession: patched transfercmd so it will raise ftplib.error_perm if
130 [d2602b98fd78] TestFileOperations: added test test_read_unknown_file.
129 [8a497e659b8b] TestFileOperations: converted ascii_xreadlines to test_ascii_xreadlines.
128 [b3b1aae8d095] TestFileOperations: converted ascii_readlines to test_ascii_readlines.
127 [1761ce206ad3] Module: renamed AsciiReadMockSession1 to ReadMockSession and
126 [5612e72b89c8] TestFileOperations: converted ascii_readline to test_ascii_readline.
125 [1b6121d007a5] TestFileOperations: converted ascii_read to test_ascii_read using
124 [2ef8d9c96b03] TestFileOperations: converted ascii_writelines to test_ascii_writelines,
123 [c36b3f4f97e6] TestFileOperations: converted method ascii_write to test_ascii_write.
122 [63e3ebde7bd1] MockSocket: added close method.
121 [8fe742211bc8] Module: made _mock_ftplib.MockSession the default for ftp_host_factory.
120 [eb6a93d64ce5] Moved class FailOnLoginSession from to .
119 [954d34b03351] MockSession: added methods _remove_trailing_slash and transfercmd.
118 [1990d77f340f] TestStat: added new method test_failing_lstat to test whether a
117 [165cd62a8148] TestStat: added test_failing_lstat to test for exception.
116 [6e4e619eba0e] TestStat: refactored test_lstat into three methods test_lstat_one_file,
115 [3e2596186b74] TestStat.test_lstat: extended checking of a directory entry.
114 [79c99882db30] TestFileOperations: removed method write_test_data because its no longer
113 [d939ecb1d2d8] TestPath.test_isdir_isfile_islink: modified to work with mock session.
112 [bb4d77bc1ce2] MockSession.pwd: simplified implementation; now a newly introduced
111 [6ea91ee6ff38] _Path: fixed a bug occuring when the path argument which was passed to
110 [b5a396d46026] TestStat: test_lstat now passes.
109 [42607e69afec] Module: renamed class ListdirTest to StatTest.
108 [707ecf45c4fc] Module: commented out a lot of test cases.
107 [69b7bbd0660e] Module: implemented more lightweight version of MockSession class.
106 [b4dfe4880a86] Module: removed rather trivial tests in TestDirectories class (and the
105 [22d6f4d36405] Module: removed rather trivial tests in TestRemoveAndRename class.
104 [6b8985f5b139] FTPHostWrapper: constructor now takes one argument, the factory to use.
103 [6023174cb7a2] Module: added skeleton for MockSocket (returned by transfercmd).
102 [b01a3e4c03d1] FTP: took not only method heads but also method implementations.
101 [c168f95b9eab] FTP: added some method heads with their docstrings from ftplib.FTP .
100 [86a6feb8338d] FTPHostWrapper: prepared to use mock version of FTP session class.
99 [868081123ce0] Module: removed comment which was rather intended for
98 [2d9dd2410935] Module: added wrapper class FTPHostWrapper to encapsulate the session
97 [6ef78c01c467] FTPHost: use a session_factory passed into the constructor.
96 [e7a542807e56] Mock implementation of from the standard library.
95 [1fb1c3cb848b] Module: added revision id.
94 [507d3c41a291] Module: revision id.
93 [9e95c1890c33] Module: docstring normalization.
92 [63f0df89bc7d] Module: extended some comments on builtin-tuple compatibility.
91 [c54e15c23c7c] Further modifications, e. g. casts with "tuple", not "list".
90 [d9e1ee4f9857] First attempt to UserTuple (deleted and changed several methods in the
89 [21c101725cbb] Starting point for _Stat's base class, taken from
88 [c3ac3e4e38cd] _Stat.__getattr__: use
87 [8edc69613c5e] Moved
86 [0d79a5127226] Release 1.0.7rc1
85 [1401e72bb177] FTPHost: moved listdir method.
84 [be6804debfbb] Module: several rather small changes.
83 [16a7531b3fe0] TestFileOperations: added method test_caching to check the FTPHost's
82 [69cb753ae8db] Module: added xreadline support for ASCII transfers.
81 [d6971cbed067] TestFileOperations: added method ascii_xreadlines.
80 [7a3e3aa0ce8b] Release 1.0.6
79 [8ea4ee8def83] _FTPFile._open: append mode is denoted by 'a', not '+'.
78 [c727e01ffc55] TestFileOperations: added methods ascii_write, ascii_readline,
77 [6239271cb827] Release 1.0.5
76 [a71fcedcf523] fixed a bug where contained line separators in an ASCII
75 [55389f8fef36] TestFileOperations: added read test.
74 [4e82a8cc74e0] TestFileOperations: added some tests for writing remote files (methods
73 [748383d405fa] _FTPFile._open: self.closed is set to 0 at the very end of the method.
72 [64dad0a42c7c] TestStat: added tests test_getmtime and test_getsize.
71 [55db7cd5debc] This was wrong in the last commit message:
70 [a306c74c0efe] TestStat: renamed test_isdir to test_isdir_isfile_islink.
69 [dd44675e6517] FTPHost._parse_unix_line: introduced a dictionary that maps the first
68 [b6cedb2b5e51] FTPHost.getmtime/getsize: now follow links
67 [fcbf8f2158f0] FTPHost.listdir: listdir used to return an empty list for paths that
66 [b7c61741289a] FTPHost.isdir/isfile/islink: return 0 for a non-existent path (like
65 [afef405a8504] FTPHost: renamed parse_unix_line to _parse_unix_line and
64 [b713a25444c3] Module: implemented wrappers for ftputil exceptions on the module level
63 [674fdaa3ed95] TestPath: added test_isdir.
62 [42b3330f7da8] Module: renamed TestFiles to TestFileOperations.
61 [635267ae49b0] TestRemoveAndRename.test_remove: added implementation.
60 [eb88ecbbabf6] Module: renamed TestLoginAndClose to TestLogin.
59 [5d5ecd33bbb8] Module: added class TestRemoveAndRename.
58 [c0187f8be3ca] TestDirectories: extended test_rmdir (try to remove current dir).
57 [b22285189805] TestDirectories: added test_rmdir.
56 [b3198f220e12] TestDirectories: added test_mkdir.
55 [e4ff75e5d519] Added some test classes (Base, TestLoginAndClose, TestDirectories,
54 [0665575c8fe3] Unit test for
53 [55e459e80b78] Release 1.0.4
52 [2372a6c1206f] Reorganized exception hierarchy.
51 [fffd328bda86] FTPOSError: removed any uses of the attribute ftp_exception. Because
50 [80d94964ef0f] Release 1.0.3
49 [3bd327c8db8e] Extended FTPOSError hierarchy.
48 [a2b37e8ac5ad] Release 1.0.2
47 [0d0443d9b41f] _FTPFile:
46 [e4f91515d3ae] Module: renamed _native_to_python_linesep to _crlf_to_python_linesep and
45 [c439e01f8854] Module: extended comment for _native_to_python_linesep.
44 [e6b17eeae47b] Module: Fixed linesep conversion bug in _native_to_python_linesep
43 [d97334098af4] _FTPFile: renamed _binary to _binmode.
42 [17abc311e8c9] Release 1.0.1
41 [ef12b53f131a] _Path: made delegation to posixpath easier.
40 [8f793817276d] FTPHost: renamed stat_data and stat_ to stat_result.
39 [e68b708ff4ac] This is version 1.0 .
38 [53b9a482638e] Changed some docstrings and comments slightly.
37 [886b2a9281ef] _Path: added walk method.
36 [f7703507d4cb] FTPHost: added methods copyfileobj, upload and download.
35 [d274c54611f4] FTPHost: added alternative DIR parser parse_robin_line for
34 [a258732bb167] Added FTPIOError class.
33 [6b7ef120a57e] FTPHost.listdir: cleaned up implementation.
32 [67acc14f0d9d] FTPHost.listdir: added implementation.
31 [232a35f6ba7a] FTPHost.stat: added.
30 [8ece8c81a0ca] FTPHost._stat_candidates: changed implementation.
29 [45455e40d4d1] Removed server OS dependent stuff like _unix_strings, _dos_strings,
28 [d2a22a5e9b9f] FTPHost._parse_line: parsing for st_mtime seems to work :-)
27 [ee38675205c2] FTPHost: Moved line_pattern outside of lstat method, renamed to
26 [6bdc2d713d9e] FTPHost.lstat: preliminary version; most of the parsing works though
25 [b307973afc4d] FTPHost: Added method _set_os_strings to set self.curdir etc.
24 [627c1889e085] FTPOSError.init: now catching TypeError and IndexError exceptions if the
23 [7e80c5defa38] FTPHost: Added implementation notes.
22 [67ef83b2d60d] _FTPFile: renamed _fp attribute to _fo (file object).
21 [63cb5572a0b8] Added a docstring to the module.
20 [1a308017f13a] FTPIOError: currently not used, thus deleted.
19 [adb98b60e012] FTPHost: Fixed some docstrings and comments.
18 [e61f5f5de95b] FTPHost: Renamed _clones to _children and _available_clone to
17 [96792a7f21f9] FTPHost: Now caching host objects ("clones") instead of _FTPFile's.
16 [5a61737f3d98] FTPHost: Added _try method to provide exception handling for a lot of
15 [e08352e2ad7e] _FTPFile.__getattr__: Changed eval expression to use getattr function.
14 [3e7d631aad3a] FTPHost._copy: Added a comment on not copying _file_pool.
13 [fadd6cf83d9f] FTPHost: Extended init, file and close to allow for caching and
12 [70d391ee15a5] _FTPFile: factored a new method _open out of __init__.
11 [910a53e1f0a1] Some docstring and comment changes.
10 [625d8c4e7fea] Renamed _ftplib_host attribute to _session.
9 [2c1667efde36] FTPHost: fixed class docstring.
8 [7c63c553d2c5] _FTPFile: read* methods now use method(*args, kwargs) instead of
7 [4be21d2e4619] FTPHost.file: Moved most of the code to _FTPFile.__init__ where it belongs.
6 [5880f30b0a9c] _FTPFile.__del__: Check if file is closed, if yes, return immediately.
5 [8c490fb1ee4e] Implemented some os.path-like methods by using the posixpath module.
4 [26f438882921] Preparations for support of several methods similar to those in os(.path).
3 [834304b43268] Added read and write operations to _FTPFile class.
2 [e93155993afc] Significant parts of _FTPFile and FTPHost implemented.
1 [9db916ed2259] Added skeleton for FTP file-like objects.