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Issue tracker

Please use the link "New Ticket" in the site's main navigation to provide bug reports and enhancement requests. However, before entering something, please check if there's already an entry on your topic. Use the "View Tickets"(*) and "Search" navigation items to find out.

When reporting a bug, the following may help to reproduce and find its cause:

  • version of the ftputil library (in the provided HTML select list)
  • version of Python
  • type and version of FTP server (should be visible in its "welcome message")
  • operating system and version for server and client (e. g. output of uname -a on Unix)
  • bug description, including complete tracebacks if available
  • if possible, a short code example which reproduces the bug
  • if possible, ideas that might help to find the cause of the bug

If you are unsure whether something is a bug or not, you may ask on the MailingList. On the other hand, even wrong usage of ftputil might indicate a bug of the Documentation, so don't hesitate to ask if you have a problem.

(*) Note that you can use wiki notation when entering tickets. For example, you can enter a code block with

    # silly code
    while True: