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Download ftputil

If you came here via an external link and you don't know about ftputil, check the homepage.

The following versions of ftputil are available. Click on the version number to download a tar.gz file.

Version Status Release date Main changes to previous version
2.4 current stable release 2009-02-15 chmod method for remote dirs/files
2.3 2008-09-06 support for with statement
2.2.4 2008-08-30 bugfix: relative directories by makedirs on Windows
2.2.3 2007-07-22 bugfix: makedirs works from non-root directory
2.2.2 2007-04-22 bugfix: handle whitespace in path names more reliably
2.2.1 2007-01-26 bugfix: catch status code 451 when closing FTPFiles
2.2 2006-12-24 caching of stat results; iterator protocol for FTP files; interface for custom parsers
2.1.1 2006-08-19 fix for bug #17
2.1 2006-03-30 see announcement
2.0.3 2004-07-29 bug fixes (see announcement for details)
2.0.2 2004-04-18 included MANIFEST file (see announcement)

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