Jul 10, 2021:

11:28 PM Changeset [2072:113850abd1ef]default by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Use `rst2html` "plain" stylesheet This results in a nicer design than with the default CSS I used so far. There's a (probably small) risk that `plain.css` isn't present on the computer of a user who wants to re-create the documentation, but then you could say the same for any other software artifacts. In other words, the user must make sure that `rst2html` is installed, including `plain.css`.

Jul 4, 2021:

10:31 PM Changeset [2071:b4c617f1285c] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Update build base image to `fedora/34`
10:25 PM Changeset [2070:2d5a22c33626] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Test under Python 3.10
10:21 PM Changeset [2069:40b947d6bf48] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Put dots in package names I don't even know why this worked in the first place. I can only guess that there are aliases.

May 19, 2021:

10:12 PM Ticket #147 (ftphost.path.exists isdir return True until ftphost.chdir) created by ftputiluser
python 3.6.2 ftputil 5.0.1 I've tried to find out what is going …

Apr 24, 2021:

10:00 PM Ticket #146 (Allow to trust pasv sent from server in session_factory) closed by schwa
wontfix: Sorry I'm replying so late. I couldn't make up my mind and postponed …
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