Apr 7, 2009:

9:28 PM Ticket #32 (Exception when calling FTPHost.close after synchronize_times (Windows only)) created by schwa
Running the code […] triggers an exception […] with Python …

Apr 5, 2009:

8:09 PM Changeset [773:de1877c8c9d6] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Give a more helpful error message if an item to remove doesn't exist at all.
6:28 PM Changeset [772:2166f443d615] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Make the `ftp_error` module more robust with respect to `ftplib` exceptions containing bytestrings or unicode strings or no strings at all. Normally, `ftplib` exceptions will only contain bytestrings but that may not be true for subclasses of `ftplib` exception classes in third-party modules.
2:45 PM Changeset [771:b5489dc35a4e] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Remove `super` call from `StatResult.__init__`. The former code gave a `DeprecationWarning` in Python 2.6+ and was really never used because initialization from a given sequence is actually handled by `tupe.__new__`, not `tuple.__init__`.

Feb 15, 2009:

2:06 PM Documentation edited by schwa
2:03 PM Changeset [770:da2f3a875b36] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Substituted double backticks for single ones according to reStructuredText markup.
1:57 PM Download edited by schwa
1:55 PM ftputil-2.4.tar.gz attached to Download by schwa
1:48 PM Changeset [769:d24996d8d029] by Stefan Schwarzer <sschwarzer@…>
Changes for version 2.4.
1:00 AM Milestone 2.4 completed
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