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#24 path.isdir raises exception for dir in non-existent path, unlike os.path schwa defect major never Library
#59 Support MLSD and MLST schwa enhancement major Library
#94 asyncio schwa enhancement major Library
#105 option to preserve mtime on upload and download schwa enhancement major Library
#138 Support for PEP 3151 (new exception hierarchy) schwa enhancement major 4.0.0 Library
#8 Add a utility to make bug reports more helpful and thus fixes easier schwa defect minor 2.1 Documentation
#26 error when openening mvs file for writing schwa defect minor never Library
#28 Additional parameters for files schwa enhancement minor never Library
#49 Drop 2.3 support, make 2.5 for Python 2.5 + schwa defect minor 2.5 Library
#60 'listdir' strips whitespace from beginning of filenames on FTP site schwa defect minor 2.7 Library
#75 Add support for Pickle schwa enhancement minor 3.1 Library
#79 keep_alive() does not prevent 421 No transfer timeout schwa defect minor 3.1 Library
#90 Show filename on FTPIOError schwa enhancement minor Library
#95 IBM AS/400 ftpserver schwa enhancement minor Library
#123 Making using an alternative Port easier schwa defect minor Library
#127 Many `cwd` calls on the FTP session object schwa defect minor Library
#146 Allow to trust pasv sent from server in session_factory schwa enhancement minor never Library
#58 Ability to access source text line for file stats. schwa enhancement trivial Library
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