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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5 ftputil fails when server requires Windows-style slashes schwa defect major 2.1 Library
#9 Access Restriction Problems schwa defect major 2.1 Library
#10 ftputil does not work properly within directories with limited permissions schwa defect major never Library
#21 Memory leaks using a modified session schwa defect major never Library
#25 Unconventional server setup issues schwa defect major never Library
#34 New parser needed for some unix variants schwa enhancement major never Library
#52 Main FTPHost session times out while downloading a large file schwa defect major 2.5 Library
#63 ftp_sync break on wrong mkdir exception schwa defect major 2.7 Library
#70 mkdir() raises FTPOSError: 250 Created schwa defect major Library
#76 Error message related to OS schwa defect major 3.1 Library
#106 anonymous user ? schwa enhancement major Library
#16 Call listdir() on link (virtual folder) cause 550 error schwa defect minor never Library
#42 Install from trunk svn checkout (896) on OS X 10.6 cause error steve steiner defect minor 2.5 Other
#43 ftputil-2.4.2b2.tar.gz seems to be corrupt schwa defect minor 2.4.2 Website
#124 Small bug in docs schwa defect minor Library
#126 Items are stored in the cache even if it's disabled schwa defect minor 4.0.0 Library
#122 FTPHost() deprecated? schwa defect trivial Library
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