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#61 fixed Add 'rest' argument to file() schwa ftputiluser

The method file() of FTPHost lacks extra numeric argument "rest" (or "offset") which is given to _FTPFile method _open() in line 228:

host._file._open(effective_file, mode)

The method _open() uses this argument for transfercmd() method in lines 85-86:

self._conn = ftp_error._try_with_ioerror(
               self._session.transfercmd, command)

This will give functionality of byte offset supported by transfercmd ( It does not fully cover ticket #14, however it will save lots of time of developers who simply need byte offset when reading files.

#60 wontfix 'listdir' strips whitespace from beginning of filenames on FTP site schwa ftputiluser

A call to 'listdir' will return a list of filenames in a particular directory on an FTP server. However, these filenames appear to be stripped of any whitespace on the beginning of the filename. Thus, the following code will fail if one of the files on the FTP server has a name with a leading space, throwing a ftputil.ftp_error.PermanentError (Not Found):

ftplist = host.listdir(host.curdir)
for ftpfile in ftplist:

'ftpfile' contains the filename without the leading space, leading to the conclusion that listdir is faulty.

#59 wontfix Support MLSD and MLST schwa ftputiluser

I'd like to second the request for supporting the MLSD and MLST commands if available as discussed at

Even though the LIST parser works fine, time resolution is very restricted to days for all files that weren't modified today. The MLS* commands solve that problem.

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