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#1 fixed Add russian documentation to wiki (Anton Stepanov) schwa schwa

Anton Stepanov contributed a Russian translation of the ftputil documentation, as of ftputil 2.0.3. Surely, it should be added to the ftputil wiki as RussianDocumentation, possibly to the release tarball as well. (The English and Russian translation should be handled the same: either both in the tarball or both not.) In any case, we have to be careful that the original documentation charset is compatible with the rendering in the wiki and (if applicable) an HTML file in the distribution.

#2 fixed Add makedirs() function/method schwa schwa

On 2005-07-02, Justin Ezequiel asked for a makedirs() function or method. I guess he means code which makes also non-existent directories between the "deepest existing" directory component and the directory component at the end of the path. This would be similar to the -p option of Posix' mkdir.

#3 fixed Add caching of stat results schwa schwa

When dealing with many small files on the remote host, ftputil becomes rather slow because it fetches the directory listing every time it wants to stat a file/directory/link. This doesn't matter so much for larger files because then the "net data" transfer time is much greater than the time for getting the stat data. These timing issues are reversed for the case of many small files.

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