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#138 wontfix Support for PEP 3151 (new exception hierarchy) schwa schwa

Python 3.3 redesigned the exception hierarchy to be able to catch a specific exception class instead of catching OSError or IOError and checking error codes (see PEP 3151). Note that IOError was aliases with OSError.

At the moment, ftputil only supports the older approach - catching broad exceptions and checking errno - because before version 4.0.0 ftputil needed to support Python 2.6 and up. On the other hand, the new exception classes were only introduced in Python 3.3. Since ftputil 4.0.0 targets Python 3.5 and up, it's now safe to use the new exception hierarchy.

This ticket should be implemented for ftputil 4.0.0 because it may break backward compatibility in some cases. Similar to what PEP 3151 discusses, "careful" code using ftputil 3.4 and earlier should continue to work without changes.

#137 fixed Update documentation for version 4.0.0 schwa schwa

Some of the following items apply more to the announcement than to the actual documentation.

  • ftputil is now Python-3-only (Python 3.6+). Lots of old code for Python 2 support removed.
  • Describe enhancement: methods which take a file name now also take a path-like object (#119)
  • Time shift is now between the time used in server listings and UTC (previously between time in server listing and client local time), #134. FTPHost.(l)stat and FTPHost.path.getmtime use UTC time if time shift is set correctly. Add a documentation section to describe the related problems in detail.
  • DIR option -a is no longer used by default (#110).
  • Bug fixes (#131, #136)
#136 fixed Clear cache when setting a new time shift schwa schwa

FTPHost.set_time_shift(new_time_shift) must invalidate (i. e. clear) the stat cache. Otherwise the cache contains modificiation times that were calculated under assumption of the previous time shift value. These times in the cache would be wrong with respect to the new time shift.

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