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Milestone: 5.1.0 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component
#93 Support a callback for comparing files in `upload` and `download` new enhancement minor Library
#128 Transfer to/from in memory variables assigned enhancement minor Library

Milestone: None (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component
#139 FTP/TLS 403 Forbidden Error for Most Operations new defect major Library
#141 Broken pipe when downloading several files new defect major Library
#144 Add `FTPHost.copytree` new enhancement major Library
#147 ftphost.path.exists isdir return True until ftphost.chdir new defect major Library
#129 Make cache more effective (supersedes #108) assigned enhancement minor Library
#133 Use Hypothesis to find more bugs in the time parsing new task minor Test code
#135 test if_newer failing new defect minor Test code
#72 Implement `shutil` copy functions new enhancement major Library
#84 ftputil.sync.Syncer should check for local directory assigned defect major Library
#87 Investigate virtual directories new task major Library
#103 Error `open`ing new file-like objects when a connection is timed-out but not yet closed. new enhancement major Library
#120 a command for upload a whole directory tree new enhancement major Library
#121 auto reconnect and auto resume during upload/download files new enhancement major Library
#6 Add an FTP mirror script assigned enhancement minor Other
#15 Add support for FXP (FTP to FTP copy) assigned enhancement minor Library
#45 Better usability regarding login for page/ticket creations/changes new task minor Website
#88 Provide Docs for Mocking an FTP Server new enhancement minor Documentation
#104 Redundant menu entries new defect minor Website
#125 Add support for removedirs function new enhancement minor Library
#101 Use `freezegun` to speed up time zone tests new enhancement trivial Test code
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