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Ticket Summary Type Priority Milestone Component
#84 ftputil.sync.Syncer should check for local directory defect major Library
#6 Add an FTP mirror script enhancement minor Other
#15 Add support for FXP (FTP to FTP copy) enhancement minor Library
#128 Transfer to/from in memory variables enhancement minor 5.1.0 Library
#129 Make cache more effective (supersedes #108) enhancement minor Library

Status: closed (125 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Priority Milestone Component
#32 Exception when calling FTPHost.close after synchronize_times (Windows only) defect critical 2.4.1 Library
#62 FTP upload path not correct using under win32 defect critical 2.7 Library
#82 Fix "Internal Server Error"s defect critical Website
#3 Add caching of stat results enhancement major 2.2 Library
#5 ftputil fails when server requires Windows-style slashes defect major 2.1 Library
#9 Access Restriction Problems defect major 2.1 Library
#10 ftputil does not work properly within directories with limited permissions defect major never Library
#12 ftputil can't parse Unix directory format without user field defect major 2.1 Library
#13 Small files not always transferred successfully defect major 2.1 Library
#17 FTPFile.close() may result in FTPIOException defect major 2.2.1 Library
#18 Allow custom parser classes enhancement major 2.2 Library
#19 If first listdir() call is on empty dir, ftputil assumes Unix style directory defect major 2.2 Library
#20 Allow to track upload and download progress enhancement major 2.5 Library
#21 Memory leaks using a modified session defect major never Library
#22 makedirs creates absolute path in working dir instead of root dir defect major 2.2.3 Library
#23 Add an option to (try to) list hidden files, too enhancement major 2.7 Library
#24 path.isdir raises exception for dir in non-existent path, unlike os.path defect major never Library
#25 Unconventional server setup issues defect major never Library
#27 Relative FTPHost.makedirs creates a wrong directory when run from a Windows client defect major 2.2.4 Library
#29 Distribute ftputil as a Debian/Ubuntu package task major 2.6 Other
#30 Add support for the with statement enhancement major 2.3 Library
#31 Add chmod support enhancement major 2.4 Library
#33 FTPHost.listdir fails for some servers if the path contains slashes defect major 2.4.2 Library
#34 New parser needed for some unix variants enhancement major never Library
#35 Ftputil broken with some links defect major 2.4.2 Library
#36 ftputil's exceptions use super, this won't work with Python <2.5 defect major 2.4.1 Library
#37 Confusing behavior of isdir/isfile/islink when a path isn't found defect major 2.4.1 Documentation
#46 synchronize_times() throws ftputil.ftp_error.PermanentError on failed file creation defect major 2.5 Library
#47 makefile has python 2.4 hardcoded, should default to system python defect major 2.5 Library
#48 Instructions for running "real FTP access" test are unclear defect major Library
#50 Possible to remove 30 lines of copyright from top of every file? enhancement major 2.5 Library
#51 _FTPFile.close() blocks after reading only a part of a file defect major 2.5 Library
#52 Main FTPHost session times out while downloading a large file defect major 2.5 Library
#53 FTPHost.walk fails when the argument is a unicode string and the tree contains non-ASCII characters defect major 2.6 Library
#54 Auto-increment functionality for stat cache enhancement major 2.6 Library
#55 synchronize_times() may fail when the server is east of the client defect major 2.6 Library
#56 FTPHost.__del__ and ftp_path._Path._host wreaks havoc with Python's circular garbage collection defect major 2.6 Library
#57 Migrate ftputil mailing lists task major Other
#59 Support MLSD and MLST enhancement major Library
#63 ftp_sync break on wrong mkdir exception defect major 2.7 Library
#64 2.7 Package is broken defect major 2.7.1 Library
#65 Auto-probing of LIST's -a option is faulty (Ticket #23) defect major 2.8 Library
#67 ftp_stat.parse_ms_time breaks on IIS 7.5 with 4 digit year lines defect major 2.8 Library
#68 Add Python 3 support task major 3.0 Library
#69 Error parsing directory holding items with names consisting of space characters only defect major 2.8 Library
#70 mkdir() raises FTPOSError: 250 Created defect major Library
#76 Error message related to OS defect major 3.1 Library
#77 `UnicodeDecodeError` when server sends non-ASCII error messages defect major 3.1 Library
#78 Error when using ftputil with M2Crypto defect major 3.1 Library
#80 .makedirs() problem with unicode defect major 3.1 Library
#83 Crash on defect major 3.2 Library
#85 UnicodeDecodeError in FTPFile.close() defect major 3.2 Library
#86 `makedirs` fails if an intermediate directory doesn't show contents defect major 3.3 Library
#94 asyncio enhancement major Library
#98 Migrate current unit tests to use the `mock` and `py.test` packages task major 4.0.0 Library
#99 Host old versions of ftputil on PyPI task major Other
#100 Wrong handling of non-ASCII characters in paths under Python 2 defect major 3.3 Library
#102 ftplib.error_reply: 226 Transfer complete. defect major 3.3.1 Library
#105 option to preserve mtime on upload and download enhancement major Library
#106 anonymous user ? enhancement major Library
#107 untrapped exception defect major 3.4 Library
#108 Broken symlinks generate needless lstat calls defect major Library
#110 Directory listings are empty if a server doesn't support the`-a` option defect major 4.0.0 Library
#111 Add deprecation warnings on dropping Python 2 support enhancement major 3.4 Library
#112 Erratic `OSError` exceptions in `readinto` in some unit tests defect major 3.4 Library
#113 isdir fails because of trailing forward slash defect major 3.4 Library
#114 Uncaught EOF error in host._avaliable_child defect major 3.4 Library
#115 Use TLS on website task major Website
#117 Let makedirs accept `exist_ok` as argument and fix default behavior enhancement major 4.0.0 Library
#118 In-memory downloads enhancement major Library
#119 Allow "pathlike" objects for paths enhancement major 4.0.0 Library
#131 Unix time parser uses wrong year if server time is in the next year relative to client time defect major 4.0.0 Library
#134 Assume UTC for directory listings from server defect major 4.0.0 Library
#136 Clear cache when setting a new time shift defect major 4.0.0 Library
#137 Update documentation for version 4.0.0 task major 4.0.0 Documentation
#138 Support for PEP 3151 (new exception hierarchy) enhancement major 4.0.0 Library
#143 Encoding-related failure with Python 3.9 defect major 5.0.0 Library
#145 ftputil 5.0.0: kwargs not being passed through to ftplib.FTP defect major 5.0.1 Library
#1 Add russian documentation to wiki (Anton Stepanov) task minor 2.1 Documentation
#2 Add makedirs() function/method enhancement minor 2.1 Library
#4 Add FTPHost.walk enhancement minor 2.1 Library
#7 Update Russian documentation for ftputil task minor 2.1 Documentation
#8 Add a utility to make bug reports more helpful and thus fixes easier defect minor 2.1 Documentation
#11 DIR() Does not work with directory and file names containing SPACEs (' ') defect minor 2.2.2 Library
#14 Support for the REST verb. enhancement minor 3.3 Library
#16 Call listdir() on link (virtual folder) cause 550 error defect minor never Library
#26 error when openening mvs file for writing defect minor never Library
#28 Additional parameters for files enhancement minor never Library
#38 If cache size is zero, FTPHost.listdir causes an IndexError defect minor 2.4.2 Library
#39 isdir and isfile on broken links with special targets cause a PermanentError defect minor 2.8 Library
#40 ftp_sync misses path separator from target directory defect minor Library
#41's --home option does not get evaluated defect minor 2.4.2 Library
#42 Install from trunk svn checkout (896) on OS X 10.6 cause error defect minor 2.5 Other
#43 ftputil-2.4.2b2.tar.gz seems to be corrupt defect minor 2.4.2 Website
#44 Don't use timed-out child sessions for remote files defect minor 2.5 Library
#49 Drop 2.3 support, make 2.5 for Python 2.5 + defect minor 2.5 Library
#60 'listdir' strips whitespace from beginning of filenames on FTP site defect minor 2.7 Library
#61 Add 'rest' argument to file() enhancement minor 3.3 Library
#66 FTPHost.path.isfile() on nonexistent path raises PermanentError defect minor 2.8 Library
#71 receiving TemporaryError: 450 2 J-a: No such file or directory in listdir(path) defect minor Library
#73 Support `followlinks` argument in `FTPHost.walk` enhancement minor 3.1 Library
#75 Add support for Pickle enhancement minor 3.1 Library
#79 keep_alive() does not prevent 421 No transfer timeout defect minor 3.1 Library
#81 Round timezone differences to 15-minute units, not hours defect minor 3.1 Library
#89 Parameter "account" not need in most cases enhancement minor Documentation
#90 Show filename on FTPIOError enhancement minor Library
#91 use namedtuple for stat result. enhancement minor 3.3 Library
#92 Docs for walk() enhancement minor 3.3 Documentation
#95 IBM AS/400 ftpserver enhancement minor Library
#96 Explain why we get "latin1-encoded unicode strings" for paths task minor 3.3 Documentation
#97 Can't connect FTPHost with ftputil 3.2, Python 3.3.0 (win32) defect minor Library
#116 Deal with Pylint messages task minor 4.0.0 Library
#123 Making using an alternative Port easier defect minor Library
#124 Small bug in docs defect minor Library
#126 Items are stored in the cache even if it's disabled defect minor 4.0.0 Library
#127 Many `cwd` calls on the FTP session object defect minor Library
#130 Consider making some arguments keyword-only enhancement minor Library
#132 Simplify `ftputil.error` enhancement minor 4.0.0 Library
#140 Tests fail on darwin defect minor Test code
#142 Make container for integration tests task minor Test code
#146 Allow to trust pasv sent from server in session_factory enhancement minor never Library
#58 Ability to access source text line for file stats. enhancement trivial Library
#74 Implement `StatResult` as a named tuple task trivial 3.1 Library
#109 LICENSE missing from sdist defect trivial 3.4 Library
#122 FTPHost() deprecated? defect trivial Library

Status: new (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Priority Milestone Component
#72 Implement `shutil` copy functions enhancement major Library
#87 Investigate virtual directories task major Library
#103 Error `open`ing new file-like objects when a connection is timed-out but not yet closed. enhancement major Library
#120 a command for upload a whole directory tree enhancement major Library
#121 auto reconnect and auto resume during upload/download files enhancement major Library
#139 FTP/TLS 403 Forbidden Error for Most Operations defect major Library
#141 Broken pipe when downloading several files defect major Library
#144 Add `FTPHost.copytree` enhancement major Library
#147 ftphost.path.exists isdir return True until ftphost.chdir defect major Library
#45 Better usability regarding login for page/ticket creations/changes task minor Website
#88 Provide Docs for Mocking an FTP Server enhancement minor Documentation
#93 Support a callback for comparing files in `upload` and `download` enhancement minor 5.1.0 Library
#104 Redundant menu entries defect minor Website
#125 Add support for removedirs function enhancement minor Library
#133 Use Hypothesis to find more bugs in the time parsing task minor Test code
#135 test if_newer failing defect minor Test code
#101 Use `freezegun` to speed up time zone tests enhancement trivial Test code
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