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#72 Implement `shutil` copy functions shutil, copy new schwa enhancement major
#84 ftputil.sync.Syncer should check for local directory assigned schwa defect major
#103 Error `open`ing new file-like objects when a connection is timed-out but not yet closed. new schwa enhancement major
#120 a command for upload a whole directory tree new schwa enhancement major
#121 auto reconnect and auto resume during upload/download files new schwa enhancement major
#139 FTP/TLS 403 Forbidden Error for Most Operations new schwa defect major
#141 Broken pipe when downloading several files new schwa defect major
#144 Add `FTPHost.copytree` copytree new schwa enhancement major
#15 Add support for FXP (FTP to FTP copy) FXP, FTP-to-FTP-copy assigned schwa enhancement minor
#88 Provide Docs for Mocking an FTP Server new schwa enhancement minor
#125 Add support for removedirs function new schwa enhancement minor
#135 test if_newer failing new schwa defect minor
#101 Use `freezegun` to speed up time zone tests test, time, freezegun new schwa enhancement trivial
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