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#76 Error message related to OS schwa defect major 3.0 invalid
#77 `UnicodeDecodeError` when server sends non-ASCII error messages schwa defect major 3.0 fixed
#78 Error when using ftputil with M2Crypto schwa defect major 3.0 fixed
#80 .makedirs() problem with unicode schwa defect major duplicate
#73 Support `followlinks` argument in `FTPHost.walk` schwa enhancement minor 3.0a1 fixed
#75 Add support for Pickle schwa enhancement minor 3.0 wontfix
#79 keep_alive() does not prevent 421 No transfer timeout schwa defect minor 3.0 wontfix
#81 Round timezone differences to 15-minute units, not hours schwa defect minor 3.0 fixed
#74 Implement `StatResult` as a named tuple schwa task trivial 3.0a1 worksforme
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