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    r1537 r1584  
     1ftputil 3.2 is now available from
     2 .
     4Changes since version 3.1
     7- For some platforms (notably Windows) modification datetimes before
     8  the epoch would cause an `OverflowError` [1]. Other platforms could
     9  return negative values. Since the Python documentation for the
     10  `time` module [2] points out that values before the epoch might
     11  cause problems, ftputil now sets the float value for such datetimes
     12  to 0.0.
     14  In theory, this might cause backward compatibility problems, but
     15  it's very unlikely since pre-epoch timestamps in directory listings
     16  should be very rare.
     18- On some platforms, the `time.mktime` implementation could behave
     19  strange and accept invalid date/time values. For example, a day
     20  value of 32 would be accepted and implicitly cause a "wrap" to the
     21  next month. Such invalid values now result in a `ParserError`.
     23- Make error handling more robust where the underlying FTP session
     24  factory (for example, `ftplib.FTP`) uses byte strings for exception
     25  messages. [3]
     27- Improved error handling for directory listings. As just one example,
     28  previously a non-integer value for a day would unintentionally cause
     29  a `ValueError`. Now this causes a `ParserError`.
     31Note that ftputil 3.0 broke backward compatibility with ftputil 2.8
     32and before. The differences are described here:
     35What is ftputil?
     38ftputil is a high-level FTP client library for the Python programming
     39language. ftputil implements a virtual file system for accessing FTP
     40servers, that is, it can generate file-like objects for remote files.
     41The library supports many functions similar to those in the os,
     42os.path and shutil modules. ftputil has convenience functions for
     43conditional uploads and downloads, and handles FTP clients and servers
     44in different timezones.
     46See the documentation for details:
     52ftputil is open source software, released under the revised BSD
     53license (see ).
     59Have fun! :-)
    164ftputil 3.1 is now available from
    265 .
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