Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
doc 2067:d51581372627   6 months sschwarzer Patch for new version
ftputil 2067:d51581372627   6 months sschwarzer Patch for new version
sandbox 1723:7d731aea5360   3 years sschwarzer Remove positional argument specifiers for `format` In strings for ...
test 2064:b5f89833bc4d   6 months sschwarzer Use `super` for base class constructor call I don't know why this ...
test_server 2027:b0f43547abc7   9 months sschwarzer Make new image the version 0.3 (see recent image changes)
.build.yml 718 bytes 2071:b4c617f1285c   3 months sschwarzer Update build base image to `fedora/34`
.hgignore 725 bytes 1714:dd97ab89a444   3 years sschwarzer Ignore Pytest cache and `egg-info` directory
.hgtags 3.5 KB 2068:2503abd0b568   6 months sschwarzer Added tag release5_0_1 for changeset d51581372627 3.8 KB 2007:c49235b09a67   10 months sschwarzer Run Black on ``
LICENSE 11.0 KB 1881:0ea562acdc6c   21 months sschwarzer Add term "3-clause" Add term "3-clause" to clarify what the ...
Makefile 4.3 KB 2072:113850abd1ef   3 months sschwarzer Use `rst2html` "plain" stylesheet This results in a nicer design than ... 102 bytes 1686:c0463bfcfccb   4 years sschwarzer Add `LICENSE` file ticket: 109
PKG-INFO 1.4 KB 2067:d51581372627   6 months sschwarzer Patch for new version
pylintrc 8.1 KB 1954:9923cf4e6153   16 months sschwarzer Increase maximum line length to 88 This is Black's default. 559 bytes 1947:eaaa0e62a502   16 months sschwarzer Adapt `` for Sourcehut
requirements.txt 181 bytes 2040:2f7ddf3d1112   8 months sschwarzer Add `requirements.txt` file This is just a snapshot from my ... 2.7 KB 1981:424aea01122a   11 months sschwarzer Set development status to `Stable`
tox.ini 562 bytes 2070:2d5a22c33626   3 months sschwarzer Test under Python 3.10
VERSION 6 bytes 2066:e2921988fbe1   6 months sschwarzer Update version
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