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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#84 ftputil.sync.Syncer should check for local directory Library 3.1 defect schwa assigned 2014-07-15
#110 Directory listings are empty if a server doesn't support the`-a` option Library 3.3.1 defect schwa new 2017-07-09
#72 Implement `shutil` copy functions Library 2.8 enhancement schwa new 2013-08-17
#94 asyncio Library enhancement schwa new 2015-03-06
#103 Error `open`ing new file-like objects when a connection is timed-out but not yet closed. Library enhancement schwa new 2016-02-05
#105 option to preserve mtime on upload and download Library enhancement schwa new 2016-10-07
#98 Migrate current unit tests to use the `mock` and `py.test` packages Library task schwa new 2015-05-26
#115 Use TLS on website Website task schwa new 2017-10-29
#104 Redundant menu entries Website defect schwa new 2016-02-18
#6 Add an FTP mirror script Other enhancement schwa assigned 2006-02-01
#15 Add support for FXP (FTP to FTP copy) Library enhancement schwa assigned 2006-05-13
#88 Provide Docs for Mocking an FTP Server Documentation enhancement schwa new 2015-01-19
#45 Better usability regarding login for page/ticket creations/changes Website task schwa new 2010-02-14
#101 Use `freezegun` to speed up time zone tests Test code 3.2 enhancement schwa new 2015-11-01

4.0.0 Release (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#108 Broken symlinks generate needless lstat calls Library defect schwa assigned 2017-01-27
#87 Investigate virtual directories Library 3.2 task schwa new 2014-11-08
#116 Deal with Pylint messages Library 3.3.1 task schwa new 2017-11-05

4.1.0 Release (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#93 Support a callback for comparing files in `upload` and `download` Library enhancement schwa new 2015-01-23
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